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Advantages of a Free Zone

The companies which are operating in a Free Zone have tax exemptions and foreign trade facilities.This exemptions and facilities are determined by the regulations below; The activity permit is granted for 10 years to the firms that would function as renter-user by renting ready-made commercial units (15 years for the ones whose subject of activity is production) and for 20 years to the firms that would function by constructing their own commercial units (30 years for the ones whose subject of activity is production). The amendments made in the Free Zones Law by decree number 5084 have become effective after being announced in the Official Gazette date 06.02.2004 and number 25365. According to the new regulation, the firms that obtained Activity Permits before 6.01.2004 are exclusive of the income and organizations law being limited with the period specified on these activity permits for the revenues they obtained by means of the activities they got engaged in in free zones. These firms are exempt from the income tax until 31.12.2008 according to the wages they pay to their employees.
Bursa Free Zone was founded in Bursa-Yalova highway route side by side with GEMPORT, BORUSAN, RODA and YILFERT ports in Gemlik County at a distance of 35 kms from Bursa Centrum. Bursa Free Zone officially opened in 11 May 2001.
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