All sorts of sub-structure and superstructure services in Bursa Free Zone are provided by the Founder and Operator firm BUSEB A.Ş. that is the sole competent authority. In our Zone, where the entire infrastructure is complete, the making of the connections and their presentation to sanitary usage are realized by showing all firms, either in investor or in renter user status, the electricity, water, natural gas, telephone, sewage and rain water connections in plot. Our company also has warehouse operation and rental permits that are the necessities of Free Zone Business. With their modern substructure and superstructure, our General Warehouses are places where all kinds of loading and discharge can be easily done, where all precautions are taken against spoilage of the stored materials and where sanitary and flawless operations are carried out by qualified employees. Our areas for rent are Modular Warehouses, Closed Production Areas, Open Stock Sites and production areas if required..

Rental and Social Services
In Bursa Free Zone, whose purpose is to improve the exportation of Turkey and to facilitate the busy production activities by capital and technology transfer, a General Warehouse that is 5.5 thousand meter squares large, three Warehouses that are 5 thousand meter squares large, 30 commercial units that are each 200 meter squares large, 59 offices, service and administration buildings, entrance-exit control facilities. More than that our firm builds industrial facilities and lets them out thereby providing a rental service and increasing the number of closed production areas in the region.

Bursa Free Zone is located on an area that is approximately 825.000 meter square large and its net plot area is approximately 570.000 meter square large. The entire infrastructure of our Free Zone has been finished with the idea of a complete Organized Industrial Zone where all the lines ranging from natural gas lines to telephone lines were furnished consummately. The subdivision of the land was carried out appropriately for our industrialists and tradesmen that will do production. The lands, whose infrastructure are ready and subdivisions are complete for production activities, are presented at BUSEB A.Ş. to investors that would like to found their own facilities...

Buildings of Production
Users are also provided with storage, mounting/dismounting services and detached closed commercial units. All kinds of domestic and foreign firms, which would like to make production in Bursa Free Zone or settle in Bursa in the long term, are provided with project based studies and the projects are concluded in a very short period of term and handed over to the users in perfect condition

Modular Warehouses
Detached and closed commercial units, which are convenient for storage, mounting/dismounting and production and 200 meter squares large, are offered to users with their infrastructure made ready. Closed commercial unit and/or warehouse users can use their administrative offices inside the modular warehouse they rented and thereby they do not need to rent an office separately.

General Warehouse
Our General Warehouse has an area of 10.000 meter squares and the users can rent as many spaces as they need and stock goods there. In case of requirement, they can rent additional space and expand or narrow it. With its modern sub-structure and superstructure, our General Warehouse is a place where all kinds of loading and discharge can be easily done, where all precautions are taken against spoilage of the stored materials and where sanitary and flawless operations are carried out by qualified employees. The general warehouse users will need to rent another Office in order to maintain their administrative activities.

Commercial Offices
Offices 20 meter square large are handed over to users with their electricity, water and communication infrastructure being finished. The firms using the general warehouse need to rent another office in the region in order to maintain their administrative activities. Besides, many software companies use these offices for software production..

Open Area
Commodities of the kind that can be stocked in the open field can be stored at the Open Stock Area according to open field storage terms on condition that they do not hinder other activities going on in the Zone, they do not lead to environmental pollution and they do not pose danger. The users, which trade commodities that can be stored at the open field, can use the open stock site with better rental fees.

Loading - Discharge and Employee
The logistical support services needed by our users within our Zone in the course of foreign trade activities are provided by BUSEB A.Ş. All loading and discharge operations at our General Warehouse are done by our company using the latest stowing machines and qualified workers. Besides, other firms in the Zone are also provided with forklift and worker support upon demand. Moreover, our company is able to provide crane and special forklift services necessary for heavy stowing and loading operations in exceptional cases.

The food requirement of our Zone is met by BUSEB A.Ş. in accordance with the agreement made with the General Directorate of Free Zones. Our firm collaborates with sub- contractors that have all kinds of technical hardware and HACCT and ISO 9001:2000 quality certificates in order to provide healthy food service for people working in the region. The highest quality service is provided at the lowest price for our firms. Besides, people working in the region can satisfy their other needs via the Canteen present in our Zone.

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